Does it cost anything to create a user account or contact developers?
It’s 100% FREE to create a user account and to contact developers!

What are the benefits of selling source code with SellMyAppz?
Earn more revenue for your hard work developing apps. By selling your source code at SellMyAppz, you are giving new and current developers an opportunity to increase their app portfolio and giving other developers a fast way to earn money on the App Store with little to no coding experience required.

How do I buy application source code?
Click on an ad listing you like and in the upper right corner next to the listing, you can contact the developer through our secure Inquire Form, provided at the top of each ad listing page. Ask developers questions about their source code and let the developer know you are ready to buy. It’s that easy!

Will Featured Listings increase my sales and profits?
Yes, your number of sales and profits can increase drastically, as your listing will be visible to all new and existing users on our site, every time the Home page is loaded. You will be Featured on the top slider of the Home page, allowing for a greater potential of increased sales and profits. If you have good content and buyers like your price, you should see great sales and profits. If your source code is popular and buyers really want it, you should see even greater sales and profits.

How can I edit my ad listing?
All prices, descriptions and information pertaining to your ad listing can be edited at any time, from inside your Dashboard after logging in.

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